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This Fuzz ist a must have for Gilmour Fans, it covers sounds from DSOTM Gilmour to wild Hendrix Sustain. It is using silicon transistors and features a Gain, Body, Bright and Volume control.

This kit contains the pcb and all necessary parts. You can choose an enclosure, please buy 4 knobs, up to 20mm diameter, for 6.3mm shafts separately.
Here is a list with the parts in the kit: Bill of materials

This project is by GuitarPCB.com, in cooperation with Musikding. If you have any problem with the content of the kits like missing or wrong parts, please contact Musikding (Klaus). For any technical problem relating to building this project, please contact Barry at GuitarPCB.com forum.

You get full technical support at the GuitarPCB.com forum:
GuitarPCB Forum.

Here is the direct link to the building docs, including layout and schematic:
DSOTM Fuzz documentation

Instrument: Guitar
Effect-Type: Fuzz

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5 from 5 great sounding fuzz

Very gilmourish fuzz. Not so hard to build. Be advised - it will not fit easy in a standard pre-drilled enclosure. I did not order enclosure with the kit so I dont know if the one offered is taking into account the on-board switch design.

., 26.07.2013
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5 from 5 Fuzz kit

Good kit, easy to built and...great sound

., 01.10.2013
5 from 5 The best Fuzz Face

Easy to build and get great sound distortion with very useful tone controls.
Needs attention drilling the enclosure to fit the on-board 3PDT switch.

., 30.01.2014
5 from 5 DSOTM Fuzz review

Excellent kit, easy build even for a novice (my first build). Very versatile fuzz that does way more than just Gilmours Dark Side tones. It will cover all his early fuzz tones (including Echoes!) as well as other fuzz face tones (Hendrix etc) but it absolutely nails those Money and Time solo tones! Very, very happy customer!

., 26.04.2014
5 from 5 Great Fuzz

Great Gilmourish sound and easy to build kit.
In my case, I do 2 litle mods:
- Change the pcb pot to an outside one so I can level it without opening the enclosure.
- Added a switch with a cap so I can choose normal or with a litle rounded highs.
With a 125B enclosure it was just the size to put every thing in it (without batery space).
I love this pedal!

., 20.10.2014
5 from 5 high quality fuzz effect!

Very broadly adjustable AND usable! Very versatile, lots of sounds to create from one pedal.
Very clean sounding in both pedal swithed on or off (no buzzing).
Doesnt muddy up the sound, at moderate settings all notes ring nicely trough, nice overtones!

., 31.03.2015
5 from 5 Great fuzz

Very easy to build especially wiring like the switch is in the pub.
Great sound very versatil. Good for early Floyd but not only.

., 19.07.2015
5 from 5 Great Fuzz

This is the fuzz you should build if you are not a typical Fuzzlover. Very thick smooth sound without being muddy. Build was easy.

., 07.08.2015
5 from 5 Best Fuzz Gilmour sound

Best sound for a kit simple to realize. Only problem is the final assembly. The box pre drilled, has the position of the holes for the jack, at the hole where the button is inserted, this does not allow the push is mounted on the base. So for those who want to use this solution should position the holes of the jack 2 cm towards the potentiometers in order to mount it correctly. Otherwise you can use the wires already in the kit to connect the button and place the free base in the container without interference problems with the installation.

., 03.12.2015
5 from 5 wow!

This kit is great, I finally find a fuzz to clean and accurate sound that is full of harmony.
easy to assemble.

pure pleasure!

., 19.07.2016
5 from 5 Excellent sillicon fuzz, but...

The DSOTM is exactly what it is supposed to be: an agressive but smooth vintage sounding fuzz. Do you remember Gilmours solo on Money? Thats it. Thats the sound you get.
This pedal is LOUD (a trimpot on the circuit allows to set the gain level as you wish it to be), and not too noisy for a fuzz distorsion. A very nice pedal indeed.
This kit is rather tricky to solder because of the very tiny size of the PCB. You must be extra careful to put just the right amount of solder to avoid short circuits because the components are crammed on this small piece of plastic.
A great thank you nevertheless to Musikding for a clear identification of every resistor. Thats great work.

The pcb is supposed to be mounted on the footswitch... but the pre-drilled enclosure I have bought from Musikding is absolutely not usable for that. The jack holes are too close from the PCB and I have been obliged to drill two new holes so I can plug my cables without risking to destroy the PCB. I was rather disappointed by this mistake.
And, btw, you receive two leds (one red, one bicolor) with your kit, and thats very nice, but they are too big to fit in the led holder that you also get! I had to file one of the led...
Anyway, this DSOTM Fuzz is an excellent kit which should please all the guitar players who look for a razor sharp distorsion which is also rather versatile.
Highly recommended.

., 07.11.2016
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