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The Duocast is a transformer coupled, discrete Class-A germanium pre-amplifier based on the classic broadcast consoles of the 1960 years.

This kit contains the PCB and all necessary parts. The enclosure can be selected, please select 4 knobs for 6.3mm shaft seperately.
Here is the bill of material: bill of material

This project is by PedalPCBs, in cooperation with Musikding. If you have any problems with the contents of the kit, please contact Das Musikding (Klaus).

Here is the direct link to the manual with layout and schematic:

Instrument: Guitar
Effect-Type: Preamp Amp-Sim Boost Overdrive

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5 from 5 Fantástico

Un pedal con mucha clase. El germanio el diseño clase A le dan un toque especial. Además es versátil, puedes ajustar dos ganancias y dos volúmenes y tener dos sonidos a golpe de pie, desde un limpio calentito hasta sonidos fuzzeros. El potenciómetro de EQ tiene una respuesta muy curiosa, da la impresión de que a medida que van entrando graves, entran también más armónicos y sube algo la ganancia. Muy contento con el pedal.

., 25.05.2021
5 from 5 Very versatile OD pedal

The pedal: Duocast is based on the diagram of a recording console preamp from the 60s (at the time some guitarists plugged directly into the console, like The Beatles in Revolution for example). The result is a versatile overdrive that ranges from clean boost to fuzz, with two foot-selectable gain levels and hand-selectable 9 / 24v power supply

The sound: very transparent, all frequencies are amplified equally (flat range), not the medium boost typical of the Tube Screamer for example. Cleans very well with the volume of your guitar too. High output level. Two internal trimpots to adjust the low and high gain in conjecture with the external gain pot. Lo-cut pot to reduce low frequencies. Adjustable output level for each gain. By choosing 24v you get higher headroom..

The build: not for the beginner. Documentation is minimal. Better to have some experience. Some inconsistencies with the parts list. High quality PCB, good point, but some supplied filter capacitors are a bit too big. The supplied transistor socket (I assume for the germanium transistor) does not fit into the PCB holes. I built another one with an IC socket. There is another small PCB provided for a DPDT switch but no schematic for wiring it. It doesnt matter, one can do without it.

I suggest a build order:
1 - mount all the electro-mechanical parts on the box without tightening too much, some of these parts will keep the PCB in place later (pots, 24V switch and leds).
2 - solder the components on the PCB starting from the small parts and ending with the biggest, the transformer.
3 - prepare all the wires (strip the ends and place a small drop of solder on each)
4 - solder the wires between in and out jacks and the bypass switch
5 - solder all the other wires starting from the PCB
6 - install carefully the PCB on the legs of the components that hold it, then solder
7 - solder all the wires coming out of the PCB to their respective destinations.

I love the sound and am happy that such a kit exists. Thank you Musikding !

., 26.02.2023
5 from 5 Sounds great.

I can recommend this kit. Its easy to build and sounds great.

., 11.03.2023
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