Flangelicious 4 knob - Flanger kit

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Classic 4 knob Flanger.

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The Flangelicious is a quite easy to build and great sounding Phaser. It is available in 2 variants, this here is the classic 4 knob version. The 4KNOBFLANGE version is offering controls for manual flanger frequency, Depth, Rate, and Resonance (Feedback).

A typical Flanger uses a lots of chips and parts, but as the Flangelicious is integrating a lots of circuitry in a single chip, it is much easier to build. The sound is still generated by an anolog BBD IC, in this case the MN3207.

This kit is a creation by electricdruid.net in cooperation with Musikding.de. If you have any problem with the content of the kits like mising or wrong parts, please contact Musikding (Klaus) at kontakt@musikding.de. For any technical problem relating to building this project, please contact Tom at www.electricdruid.net

Here´s the parts list: Parts List (BOM)

This kit contains all parts you need to build a fully functional effect pedal. Not included in the kit, but also good to have:

  • Aluminium enclosure: select one from top
  • 9V DC power supply
  • 4 nice knobs for the potentiometer, up to 20mm diameter and for 6.3mm shafts
  • Decal, transfer or transparent sheets for labeling

Here is the very detailed build document:
Flangelicious Build docs

Here´s the project page with further information:
Flangelicious project page

Instrument: Guitar Bass
Effect-Type: Mod/Echo

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5 from 5 Sounds Great

This was a pretty easy build. The documentation from electric druid makes this about as easy as can be. I had this soldered, drilled and assembled in a bit over two hours. After initial settings with oscilliscope I got the pedal to where it is pretty quiet. Not 100% quiet but good enough, a little bit of clock bleed through. It sounds really good. You can get a wide ride of sounds with this. Also tried it with a mic which sounded really good too. I would say with the electric druid doc this is absolutely do-able for beginners also

., 30.10.2016
5 from 5 Fantastic instructions, lovely sound

Very clear and genuinely helpful instructions for build. I implemented one of the suggested mods. I particularly liked the voltage testing instructions which made me feel more confident that I wasnt about the destroy the chips.

The sound is good and thick, and the LFO sweeps in the right places.


., 26.10.2017
5 from 5 Great experience to build Fun and good sounding pedal

This was my second ever pedal I built. Being a total newbie when it comes to building electronics I was a little worried this would be too advanced. But I needed a Flanger and gave it a try.

The instructions were amazing! Very clear and easy to follow. Everything worked the first time - no misplaced parts, faulty wiring and no resoldering needed. There was no led resistor in the kit so I had to take a coffee break during the building and go buy it at a local shop.

After some trimming, the pedal sounds great and the variety and options of sound are really amazing.

., 29.05.2018
5 from 5 Amazing sounding flanger, and an amazing kit to build.

This has got to be the best designed builds I have come across. Everything just falls into place, and the instructions/build guide for this is phenomenal, I am confident even a beginner could build this pedal. There are quite a lot of components in this one so a fair bit of soldering required.

The end result is fantastic. Great sounding flanger with a massive range of different sounds. It is a little bit noisey compared to some of my other pedals but I think I may get better results with further adjustment to the trim pots.

Overall I am really happy with this pedal and definitely recommend it to others.

., 05.09.2018
5 from 5 Easy build and great sound

The instructions were easy and I built this in a few hours. No problems at all. Instead of a stereo and a mini jack I was shipped two mono jacks. But since the kit is not meant for battery power, you can ignore the stereo jack. There as faint clock bleed through which is not very audible. The range of sounds is great.

., 04.05.2021
3 from 5 Lots of background noise

Good documentation but very noisy device, bad adjustment by potenciometers as described

., 22.06.2022
Total entries: 6

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