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G-02 is short for "Revision-2 G2". It is comparable to the legendary G2.

This kit contains the pcb and all necessary parts. You can choose an enclosure, please buy 3 knobs for 6,3mm shaft separately.
Here´s a list with the parts in the kit: Bill of materials

This project is by GuitarPCB.com, in cooperation with Musikding. If you have any problem with the content of the kits like missing or wrong parts, please contact Musikding (Klaus). For any technical problem relating to building this project, please contact Barry at GuitarPCB.com forum.

You get full technical support at the GuitarPCB.com forum, membership is free of course:
GuitarPCB Forum.

Here´s the direct link to the building docs, including layout and schematic:
G-02 documentation

Instrument: Guitar
Effect-Type: Distortion

Video Demo

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5 from 5 Great sound easy to built

I made a video demo of this so commets of it are yours.
Couldnt make the double led to work so i added just a red one!!!



., 28.09.2013
Total entries: 6
3 from 5 nice od

produces nice usable OD type of tones, however it is quite noisy.

., 18.04.2014
5 from 5 Very clear and clean

I really enjoy this kit, all necessary components was right and I found clear instructions on guitarpcb.com
For the future I suggest a BB enclousure coloured and drilled avvaiable.
I prefer soid wire instead of stranded one and two monojack instead of one mono and one stereo.

Good job, to every one that look for a nice G2. If you do a good job the sound is perfect without any noise. You can also use a different supply, I have tested 12VDC and I get more sustain.

., 18.08.2014
5 from 5 AWESOME

Im buying another one. With different clipping diodes it sound like a hole different pedal in a good way.I think Ill make one a germanium and one a silicon. So far everything Ive tried has sounded good

., 03.03.2015
5 from 5 One of the Best

This is one great and versatile circuit, socket the diodes an have fun trying out all different combos you can think of :)

., 11.06.2015
4 from 5 Yes, but...

It is the first time that I am not fully enthousiastic about a Musikding product (even if it is a PCB Project, I know).
If you already own a good Ram's Head/Triangle Muff, don't bother with this one. It is inspired by the famous G2 from Peter Cornish, which was inspired by the Big Muff circuit. And it defenitely sounds like a BM!
This Animal gives a creamy and very compressed fuzzy sound, with lots of gain. From my personnal perspective it lacks a bit in the trebble segment. The bass frequencies are powerfull (but not very well defined) and they tend to absorb everything.
I guess that if you tried other diods/leds in the clipping section, you could find a very nice sound.
But I already have three Muff clones, and the Animal lives in this category, so...
An another point: the pcb is very small and there are many components to implement. So you have to be VERY cautious with your solder iron. It's quite a challenge!
A good circuit nevertheless, for those who like to experiment with different clippings.

., 10.01.2017
5 from 5 Great kit but ‘DONT USE THE DAUGHTER BOARD’

Just finished building this after having a nightmare with the daughter board as supplied. Basically because it is buffered your can’t use it unless you build an unbuffered version. The problem is the instructions are not the clearest. So, I had to buy a new footswitch and do a lot of de-soldering and re-wiring. It’s fairly tight in the enclosure due to the amount of wire being run but it all fits.

The sound is epic. Full on Gilmour live in Gdańsk (if you know you know.) You really won’t be disappointed, especially if you team it with a compulator and tube driver.

., 20.07.2022
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