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Bass Overdrive.

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The God City Instruments (GCI) Bass Brutalist is an overdrive pedal derived from the Brutalist Jr. circuit but with component values and circuit topology tailored specifically for bass instruments. The circuit consists of two op amp gain stages and a tilt EQ inspired by the FX10.

This kit contains all necessary parts, except the pcb: Parts list

Here are the pcbs: Bass Brutalist pcb set

Knobs for the pots are not included in the kit, you can select them yourself. The 3 pots have round 6.3mm shafts.

Here´s the build documentation:
Bass Brutalist docs

Instrument: Bass
Effect-Type: Distortion Overdrive

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5 from 5 great overdrive / distorsion with a rich and beautiful sound

Instructions allows to build three versions : standard, brighter, or more bass friendly. The main components functions are detailed, if some experimentations are required, it would be better to use sockets.

The circuit sounds differently according to which single and dual op amps are chosen. I settled at first on a TL71 and a RC4558, recently I tried an OPA2134 and it is good too. Both chips interact nicely in this circuit, to build the gain structure.

On my build, first half of the Distorsion pot rotation gives a clean to crunchy sound, without much coloration. Things are getting serious in the second half of the rotation, with a midrange overdriven sound turning to full distorsion.

The tone section design is very good, I read on a forum : The EQ behaves like a tilt type with bass boost+treble cut/treble boost+bass cut. It is very useful to fatten up single coils or clean up a humbucker.

A year after building the standard version, I still like this circuit very much. I mostly use it with a guitar, and I like to try different chips in it.

., 22.11.2021
Total entries: 1

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