Germanium Diode OA1182

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NOS Tungsram germanium diode OA1182, glass body. Vf = 0,3V.

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5 from 5 Nice but fragile

Theyre doing their job. But use extra care bending these hard legs, glass just want one thing : to break.
Bought 2 more (had 2 with the hm-2 pedal kig) cause i broke one. I finally broke two but could happily use the two others.

., 12.04.2021
5 from 5 Glass is fragile!

I bought these in case I broke the ones that came with The Foxx. I did indeed break one.
Use tweezer to hold the leg close to the diode then bend the leg using pliers. Careful when you oush them into the PCB, glass doesnt bend, it breaks.

., 03.07.2021
5 from 5 Fragile, but works well

I made the same mistake as so many other people and broke my first two of these diodes while bending the legs on my first project so I ordered a few more. Once I figured it out how to bend them properly (hold the leg with tweezers right beside the diode and bend carefully) I had no issues and my project (Der Cranker) sounds great!

Also, shipping from Germany to Canada for just a few small parts was faster than regular mail within Canada!

., 02.08.2022
5 from 5 super


., 31.08.2022
5 from 5 Nice warm sound

They do their job well, I broke one while sliding it into the pcb, but fortunately I had five extra pieces :-)

., 24.09.2022
5 from 5 Very good but very fragile

Those germanium diodes are very good, but the glass enclosure is very fragile when bending the legs.
The most reliable technique Ive tested so far : hold the leg as close as possible to the glass with a tweezer, and bend the leg with a plier.

., 17.03.2023
5 from 5 Great but fragile

As said by everyone before, those are super fragile and needed to be handled with extra care. Buying Spare ones is recommended.

Other than that, they are great and doing their job as excpected from a Germanium diode.

If the mounting space is too small to bend the legs safely, consider mounting the diode vertically with only one leg bent 180°, far from the glass body.

., 05.04.2023
Total entries: 7

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