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The Madamp A15Mk2 is a two-channel 15W guitar tube amp with "american" sound, providing the following features:

  • Two channels with independent volume and tone controls
  • 2x 6V6 power tubes (15W at 8 or 16 Ohm)
  • Switchable Power Amp Filter (Smooth)
  • Channel 1: american Brownface Sound
  • Switchable Bass Boost (Fat)
  • Channel 2: american High Gain Sound
  • Switchable additional Tube Stage for modern Ultra High Gain Sound
  • Buffered tube-driven F/X Loop

The A15Mk2 kit contains all needed parts to build your own tube amp, please select the tubes above!

  • Sockets, power and output transformer
  • Resistors, capacitors, potentiometers
  • Switches, plug sockets, power cord, fuse holders and fuses
  • Wire, cable, screws, solder lugs, boards and so on
  • Aluminium chassis (WxDxH 432 x 254 x 51 mm)
  • Detailed, comprehensive english documentation (electronically). Building instructions (32 pages), schematic, layout plan (wiring scheme).Layout plan for the front panel (amphead or combo) and the backplane (sample) (amphead or combo). Drilling plan for the chassis.

Additionally you will need the following parts:

  • Knobs (for 6mm or 6,3mm shaft). Please don´t use chickenhead or similarly big knobs, as the space between the pots is quite narrow.
  • Enclosure/Cabinet (wooden top or combo)
  • Speaker (8Ohm or 16Ohm)
  • Front panel (design your own panel or order take the A15Mk2 Deluxe)

The documents are shipped in an extra email. If you don´t get the docs on the same day as the shipping confirmation, please tell me. It can happen the docs get stuck in a spam filter.

Detailed informations to this amp are available directly at Madamp. If you have questions to technical details, just go to the Forum.

Instrument: Guitar
Effect-Type: Amp

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5 from 5 Typical excellence.

Really well thought out and well packaged kit. As with the last effects kit I bought from Das Musikding. The organisation of parts and clear labelling make assembly so much easier. Everything clearly labelled and parts are packaged separately by type. One bag for resistors. One bag for capacitors. One bag for switches and sockets. The resistor values are clearly written on their production card strips too.
The kit.isnt finished yet because Im savouring the build. Its so enjoyable. The part.quality is great too. Not the usual cheapest you can buy rubbish. The components are decent quality.

Communication with Das Musikding is really good and easy.

The only.slight.quibble is on the part of Madamp. The translation of the instruction manual into English could be better. That said its not the worst. Some things may take a couple of read throughs before I got them. And hey they could have just given a schematic and a layout drawing and been done. But they didnt and there are great tips in the manual.

Top product.

., 06.01.2022
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5 from 5 Lot of tone for budget

This was my second tube amp build (after 5E3 Tube-Towns 3W clone). There was lot of wiring, but layout is pretty clear. I advice you to print layout to A3 paper and mark all wiring you made and check it in plan. Ive made one mistake in preamp, but i managed to solve it by my self with jumpering stages straight to power amp. But please be carefull theres around 400V voltage (if you make your PSU board correct there is resistors to bleed power caps to ground so the charge and it takes about 1 min to bleed it to 0V and then its totally safe to mess around, BUT CHECK IT always anyway!!).

As for the TONE of the amp ! If i compare that amp to my mass produced Blackstar Studio 10 6L6 it have loads of clarity and tone (blackstars is shit anyway now i know that). This is total beast for 15W load of headroom for studio/home you have to run it trough attenuator it is really loud ! Iam using alnico Jensen P12Q in my own DIY speaker cab ala 5E3 and almost always have bass 3-5 max and its kinda trebly, but cool. I was looking for that quaking straty tone for a long time and with this amp it is there even without any pedals... This amp is great even without any pedals clean is nice american brownfacey and OD channel is modern Bassman/Super Sonic (by my opinion). I play mostly blues and stoner rock and this is the amp (at least for me) ! Really happy with this build!

Only thing that i did not liked much is that PT and OT is soaked in some insulating black gum and contacts need to be brushed little bit to take soldering good. And OT was pretty badly marked (it is there but you have to look real close to see), but if you go by manual you should be safe to not mess any wiring. Some tube socket eylets need to be brushed ass well, but anyway all other components are great quality... Fun at the end i was shipped all components, but i never found one potenciometer so i have to use some from my stash (i was really exited to finish to amp soon)

Sorry for my english, but the amp is really great one !

., 13.11.2022
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