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The Madamp M15Mk1 is a two-channel 15W guitar tube amp with "british" sound, providing the following features:

  • Two channels with independent volume and tone controls
  • Push/Pull power amp with 15W into 8 Ohm or 16 Ohm
  • Channel 1 is based on the Marshall 18W with additional "Fat" switch (Bass Boost). It provides power amp distortion at higher volumes (Clean at lower volumes).
  • Channel 2 is based on the Marshall JTM, but provides more gain. It provides preamp distortion at low volumes.
  • Variable sound (from clean to crunch) with both channels
  • Loud enough for playing with a band and real power tube distortion without crashing the windows :-)

The M15Mk1 contains all needed parts to build your own tube amp, please select tubes above:

  • Sockets, power and output transformer
  • Resistors, capacitors, potentiometers
  • Switches, plug sockets, power cord, fuse holders and fuses
  • Wire, cable, screws, solder lugs, boards and so on
  • Aluminium chassis (WxDxH 432 x 254 x 51 mm)
  • Detailed, comprehensive english documentation (electronically). Building instructions (27 pages), schematic, layout plan (wiring scheme). Layout plan for the front panel (amphead or combo) and backplane (amphead or combo).

Additionally following parts are required:

  • 7 Knobs (for 6mm and 6,3mm shaft)
  • Enclosure/Cabinet (wooden top or combo)
  • Speaker (8Ohm or 16Ohm)
  • Front panel

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Detailed informations to this amp are available directly at Madamp. If you have questions to technical details, just go to the Forum.

Instrument: Guitar
Effect-Type: Amp

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5 from 5 Lot of fun

building this amp kit was great fun. The kit is very well prepared. All the resistors are marked by hand. The capacitors are easy to identify and the big housing makes it real easy to hand wire all the components. The alternative output transformator is different to wire, but it is as well documented as all the other details.
Finally the sound:
My setup is a 4x12 Marshall box with different guitars (Tele, Strat, selfm,ade with selfmade pickups.
The sound is very direct, pure and ist keeps the character of the different guitars. 15 w can also be very loud. Im looking forward to compare this amp directly to vintage Marshalls.

At least:
fun to build, fun to play, a very good tube amp kit ;-))

., 08.01.2014
Total entries: 1

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