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The Little Rebel, designed by Michael Massberg, is a small, Amp, featuring a 2 LM386N-3 power amp, bringing 2W power to the speaker. It is mainly designed for overdriven rock sounds. It can use any speaker with at least 4 Ohm impedance.

The kit contains everything you need, knobs and enclosure are not included.

Different enclosures can be used, as long as it is big enough for the 13,7 x 4,5cm pcb. Hammond 1444-14 is good for mounting the pots on the front, a DD enclosure is great for mounting the pots on the top, to use the amp on the effect board.For power supply just use a normal 9V DC supply, like it is used for effect pedals, too.

Instrument: Guitar
Effect-Type: Amp

Build documents

Installation guide: Installation guide

Schematic and pcb: Schematic

Wiring layout: Wiring

Parts list (BOM): Parts list

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5 from 5 Very nice product

I bought the vertical version of the Little Rebel amp. Everything perfectly OK, works like a beauty! With a bit of care, it fits inside a JJ type metal enclosure.

., 06.05.2015
5 from 5 Awesome!

Amazing small amp, I tried it with differents cabinets and guitars and it always sound really cool for a small non tube amp. It respond really well to the playing dynamic.

., 01.04.2016
5 from 5 Little rebel 2W amp

This is the second time Im buying the rebel and I do like it, either for the DIY side as well as for the capabilities for setting different sounds and its practical use, small dimensions easy to transport and good response to use with pedals.
Its a little great amp to build, study and play.
I make string instruments with recycled materials, I use this amp to play along with my instruments in faires and workshops. Couple of friends of mine are professional musicians, they really liked the distortion sounds. Ive used a bamboo box as enclosure, the speaker is a Fender 600 Champion 6,5 inches.

., 22.12.2016
4 from 5 Nice little amp

Good sound if compared to the very low price, I used this kit to replace the non-functioning circuit of a tiny guitar pack amplifier.
Sounds a lot better with an external 12 inches speaker of course.

., 31.05.2018
4 from 5 Good product

I had fun assembly this kit. It is recommended for beginners, has all the components marked with the value and you cannot make mistakes. Sound good, has nice distortion and it is loud for only 2 watts.

Good product!

., 12.09.2018
4 from 5 Very nice sounding little amp.

I was note really enthusiastic at the first plug... But after a few minutes, I have understood the concept : this amp need to be cranked !
For a good sound, put the volume knob at max and use the gain knob to have a clean or overdrive sound.
at max, the volume pot gives the amp a a real presence. (which is not the case at half - too thin)
Plugged into an orange cab( 1X12 Celestion V30), the sound goes from clean to distorsion.
Great value for the price. few hours to build and quite easy.
Very satisfied !

., 17.03.2020
5 from 5 Little big rebel !

I build 3 of this amp, very good for a lot of use like room play and story. Easy to bring with your guitar everywhere.

., 28.04.2020
4 from 5 Great little amp

I bought this amp in order to build my own combo. What interested me was the possibility of using the effects loop to connect my looper pedal.
I also bought a 3verb kit that I connected just after the effects loop return. Both are mounted in the same enclosure.
The only thing that bothered me was the bass setting. He didnt really change the sound.
What I did is remove resistors R13 and R14 and replace them with a 100k log potentiometer. I removed the potentiometer from 1M and replaced it with a wire.
The bass adjustment is efficient now. The amp has a really great sound with the reverb.

., 19.04.2021
Total entries: 8

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