Spectron Dynamic Filter kit

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Envelope filter.

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The Spectron is a full-featured envelope filter originally based on the Mu-Tron III with several modifications and additions.

This kit contains the PCB and all necessary parts. The enclosure can be selected, please select 6 knobs for 6,3mm shaft separately.
Here is the bill of material: bill of material

This project is by Aion Electronics, in collaboration with Musikding. If you have any problems with the contents of the kit, please contact Das Musikding (Klaus). Since the modifications require some basic knowledge, this project is rather for more experienced builders.

Here is the direct link to the manual with layout and schematic:

Instrument: Guitar Bass
Effect-Type: EQ/Mix Mod/Echo

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5 from 5 Fantastic effect, delivering a modulation sensitive to your picking.

This circuit sounds amazing. It is just incredible before a fuzz and all kinds of overdrive or distortion.

It is a wah effect triggered by the guitar signal. It can be triggered by various things thanks to expression inputs and an external trigger input.

I count 11 controls, so it could seem a bit hard to get some good settings. In fact, once you understand what each control does, it is simple enough with some room for useful adjustments.

I struggled during 2 days to finish my build, because the signal did not get to the envelope detector. It was cut between C4 and the trigger pads. I placed a jumper to make the connection and thats how i got it working perfectly. I lost some time because I do not like to audio probe circuits (loud pops scares me). But in some cases, you got to do what you got to do...

Make sure you read all the instructions before starting the building process.

Fabulous effect, well worthy to stand among the legendary circuits! I give it 6 stars.

., 20.12.2021
5 from 5 A challenge, learning experience and very cool pedal

This was a challenging but also rewarding build. More complex than many others. The components and putting all together was not too difficult, but it is a complex pedal when done and troubleshooting more challenging than with other projects. I got very good help from forum on DIYstompboxes.com
I can recommend reading the Meatball original manual when it is time to test.
I build an audio probe (Mono phono plug 6,3mm, 100nF capacitor, alligator clip, cable and a pointy bit, googleable) and used with a looper to find where I had missed one solder.
I also got a tip to a mod: 100k trimpot between +9V and pin 3 on LM358, dial it in until barely light on the green LEDs, and insert the next standard R. I chose instead to keep the trim and put an extra SPDT to turn on or off.
This makes a big difference when playing weaker pickups guitar like Single Coil.
The Intensity and Sensitivity controls are OK, but they have swapped places compared with the original. There is no musical impact, only logical with the original have in a filter side and a trigger side.
This was an advanced project, so be prepared to let it take its time. Be thorough and prepare to learn new troubleshooting tricks.
When finished, it is definitely worth it.

., 06.02.2022
Total entries: 2

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