The Chapel Of Tone - Overdrive kit

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Dynamic Overdrive.

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The Chapel Of Tone is a very dynamic booster/overdrive pedal. It is based on 60's Plexi Amps in the American version with 6550 power amp tubes. It also works very well with other Overdrive pedals, which leads to more sustain, tone and overall dynamics.

This kit contains all parts you need to build a fully functional effect pedal. Also very useful:

Not included in the kit, but also good to have:

  • Aluminium enclosure: select one on the top
  • DC power supply
  • 3 nice knobs for 6.3mm shafts
  • Decal, transfer or transparent sheets for labeling

Instrument: Guitar
Effect-Type: Overdrive

Build documents

Installation guide: Installation guide

Schematic and pcb: Schematic

Parts list (BOM): Parts list

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4 from 5 Natural-sounding overdrive

A very quick and simple build, not a lot of components, a good beginners kit.

However there was a mistake in my kit (wrong value pot) so I swapped a capacitor to try and balance it. I ended up with a very nice boost/overdrive, that gets very fuzzy (in a good way) when pushed to the limit. Im not quite sure it sounds exactly like the original circuit but I like it, especially stacking it before my main distorsion.

Oh, and I broke the germanium diodes trying to bend the legs. Fortunately I had spare ones. Had never realised how fragile they can be!

., 28.07.2019
5 from 5 Cool pedal!

Just finished building the pedal and got it tested for the first time. I must say that this thing rocks! Sounds best when played through overdriven amp. The build was easy, there arent many components so this is good beginners (like me) kit. This was my second kit from Musikding, another one was The Cranker which is also awesome product. But both of these kits have weird grounding problem when powered by PSU. With battery, they have no issues..... hmmm...

., 31.07.2020
5 from 5 Always-on

Basic design, easy build. Clean, transparent and fresh sound. Very stackable. Works great as an always-on pedal.

Bias controls the overall overdrive - volume, gain and tone (2N5088 transistor). With tonestack you can get a more vintage sound. Master volume controls output signal, which at 10 -in this configuration- is just above unity gain.

Careful with the OA1182 diodes, they break easily. Also, consider socketing the diodes, and try out different ones.

Note: on the pcb D1 (right below GND and +9V) should say D3 (power section).

., 13.04.2021
Total entries: 3

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