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The Cranker - Overdrive kit

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Light Overdrive.

Category: Overdrive


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The Cranker is a distortion/overdrive to add some grit and boost to you tone.

This kit contains all parts you need to build a fully functional effect pedal. Also very useful:

Not included in the kit, but also good to have:

  • Aluminium enclosure: select one on the top
  • DC power supply
  • 1 nice knob for 6.3mm shafts
  • Decal, transfer or transparent sheets for labeling

Effect-Type: Overdrive
Instrument: Guitar

Build documents

Installation guide: Installation guide

Schematic and pcb: Schematic

Parts list (BOM): Parts list

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4 from 5 Beware of the germanium diodes !

Very straightforward build on first sight. Everything fits nicely and there is enough space in the enclosure. The germanium diodes, however, are very fragile and in no circumstance should be bent by hand. Use some specific tooling to bend the legs to avoid the mistake that I made. After ordering 10 more to be certain and by using better tooling I managed to finish the circuit. It worked straight out of the box and has a nice light overdrive that sounds like the demos on youtube of the speaker cranker!

., 26.04.2019
5 from 5 Cool pedal

Very nice pedal, very easy to build.
Do watch out with bending those Germanium diodes though!

., 30.04.2019
5 from 5 My very first pedal build worked on the first try!

Successful build!

I was a complete beginner: never soldered a wire, apart from 9v center-negative I knew just about nothing about electric circuits.

For me the assembly time was about 5 hours. It was my first time soldering so I went very slowly, I had to resolder some connections - no surprise there.

I was so excited that I didnt test it before putting it in the enclosure (I didnt know what to test for anyway - though I did borrow a multi-meter).

The contents of the kit were well packed. At first you might not understand which part is which, but they are accurately labelled so follow the BOM and all will be revealed :).

I thought the holes were a bit tight in some places, maybe a smaller tip on my soldering iron would have been better, but I mananged anyway.

The wires were pre-cut, with the end sleeves still on so the strands were tidy and made for easy fitting.

The switch has a very satisfying, easy, smooth click, I like it more than the MXR click switch or EHX click-less switches.

The LED has the right amount of brightness; not blinding, not as dim as a Boss LED.

The pedal sounds open, like your amp only louder. I like the crackle when turning the knob. A big knob means I can turn it with my foot.

I use it as the first overdrive, into a silicon fuzz, or into a Blues Driver. Fuller than the BD-2, not as much gain. Great for a bit of hair on top of a clean sound.

Tips for absolute beginners:
Take your time with the assembly.
You are meant to trim the wires to the length you need.
You can resolder components if you mess up (I did it without a pump).
If your clipper cant get as close to the solder joint to trim the legs of the components you might want to fit, solder and trim each at a time. I didnt and had a forest of legs I couldnt trim flush.
I didnt have a helping hands and still managed, but it would have helped. Kneaded charcoal eraser also seems to be useful.
I used a hair-dryer to keep from inhaling fumes.
Glass diodes are fragile, I cracked one so be careful when bending legs and fitting to the board.
One of my diodes was touching another and added noise of various amounts through different power supplies - fixed that issue and the pedal is now silent.

., 01.08.2019
5 from 5 My always on drive

Easy build (just beware that the diodes are very fragile) and an amazing light-medium gain sound, a little above unity volume across all the range to compensate the clipping. its in my main pedalboard and i couldnt be happier

., 09.01.2020
5 from 5 I love it

It was my first built ever and it was totally doable. As has been said before the diodes are super sensitive to bends. It was good I read it beforehand and order some extra more because I destroyed at least 3 trying to bend them. The sound of the pedal is fantastic, no noise at all and good quality components.

., 04.04.2020
5 from 5 Good!

Nice OD, works also well when stacking with another ODs or fuzzes.
Building this was easy and fun, although Im really NOT very good with soldering.
Everything went well and the pedal worked immediately.
I will definitely buy again from Musikding.de!

., 17.07.2020
5 from 5 Big sounding pedal

Very nice pedal.
A booster that also give thrust and depth to the sound.
I only replaced the diodes to 1N4001 and 1N60P, the pot to 10K.
Simple to use and easy to build.

., 17.02.2021
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