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The Fuzz Face is one of the big classics in stompboxes. This Silicon version features 2 silicon transistors and has negative ground. So it is possible to power it along other pedals on one power supply.

This kit contains all parts you need to build a fully functional effect pedal. You can select the enclosure you want. You only need a 9V battery or power supply and 2 knobs for the potentiometers.

This kit contains all parts you need to build a fully functional effect pedal. Also very useful:

Not included in the kit, but also good to have:

  • Aluminium enclosure: select one from the top
  • 9V battery or DC power supply
  • 2 nice knobs for the pots, for 6,3mm shaft
  • Decal, transfer or transparent sheets for labeling

Instrument: Guitar
Effect-Type: Fuzz


That´s the Fuzz Face with silicon transistors:

Build documents

Installation guide: Installation guide

Schematic and pcb: Schematic

Wiring layout: Wiring

Parts list (BOM): Parts list

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4 from 5 Great Fuzz

It sounds great! Much better than I expected...
Instructions should be more detailed for electronic newbies like myself.
It was a struggle to fit everything in the stompbox without stepping components on each other.
I got one component that doesnt exist on any of the documents... Anyway I didnt used it and the pedal works just fine.

., 16.01.2015
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5 from 5 Bonne fuzz

Nayant pas envie dinvestir plus de 50 euros dans un effet que je nutiliserait qu occasionnellement, jai pris le risque dacheter ce kit. Je trouve le circuit imprimé un peu trop petit, les connexions sont très rapprochées. Bien suivre le plan pour les composants, (bien respecter le sens ) cest un peu fouillis à cause des fils, mais ça marche. Reproche : aucune indication pour le réglage de la résistance ajustable, un site préconise de régler afin dobtenir - 4,5 volts entre le collecteur de Q2 et la masse.

., 23.06.2018
5 from 5 Español - English

Este pedal lo tiene todo, es muy fácil de montar, es barato y tiene un sonido brutal. El capacitador C5 que sobra se puede usar o no, si dejas el espacio vacío tendrá un sonido mucho más agudo, si lo sueldas hace un filtro de paso bajo LPF brutal con unos graves estupendos. Con pila en mi caso es super silencioso pero enchufado el pedal tenía un ruido muy agudo de fondo incluso cuando estaba apagado, consulté a Musikding y me aconsejó poner una resistencia 100R entre la pila y la placa y asunto solucionado. No olvides ajustar el trimmer para conseguir tu sonido personalizado. Voy a hacerlo otra vez para regalarselo a un colega.
This pedal has it all, its very easy to mount, its economic and it has an awesome sound. Theres a leftover C5 capacitor, if you leave it out the pedal sounds much brighter, if you solder it it gives a low pass filter that raises the bass frequencies brutally. In my case it worked noiseless with battery but when plugged to an adaptor it had a high pitched noise even when off. I asked Musikding and instantly they responded telling me to add a resistor between the 9v and the board and the noise is completly gone. Dont forget to adjust the trimmer to your liking. Great pedal

., 05.07.2018
5 from 5 Easy to solder, a few basic rules to know

I received the pedal (and its pre-drilled enclosure) in less than a week. It was my first time making my own pedal and I am pleased to see and ear it work.
Being a beginner at soldering and electronics, this was well documented on the documentation.
Yet, my lack of some basic electonics knowledge and diagram reading made me scratch my head 2 times in order to have a (good) sound.
This is linked to the documentation which could be improved slightly for total beginners :
- The two Q1 and Q2 transistors are not on the assembled PCB photo, so I just put the 3 way connector and did not realize I had to put the 2 remaining components on it, which were in fact the silicon transistors ! (beginner I tell you !) So from their I had sound, but not a good one.
- These Q1 and Q2 have also position/side to follow. Once I understood the small appendix drawn on the PCB represented the rounded side of the transistor (and that they were oriented differently for Q1 and Q2) it worked fine.
So to conclude, this was a very good exercice and made me want to assemble more new pedals !!

., 27.07.2018
5 from 5 Sounds perfect

Sounds perfect. Easy to built.

., 18.03.2019
5 from 5 The no fuzz, fuzz kit! (pun intended)

Really good for the price, goes from mild, to ear piercing!

As long as you just take your time Id say this is a really good first pedal build, given that you have atleast some soldering experience beforehand, this was my first pedal and I got it working after some minor cold soldering issues.

The sound is very nice and very old school!

I even made a demo video myself if you wanna check it:

., 12.07.2019
5 from 5 Super son

Cest le 3eme kit que je monte, et franchement le plus simple, tout rentre facilement dans un boîtier type B. Le son est vraiment bon, exactement ce que je cherchais.

., 22.09.2019
5 from 5 Nice sound

After building the Fox I wanted a more classic Fuzz. Building pedals is a bit addictive so I ordered this one. The build is quite easy once you get the right stuff. For the Fox I used too thick solder so I almost fried the board this time it went easy and fast. The sound is nice and it cleans up if you turn down the guitar volume, the Fox didnt. Ill have to take a look at the bias but that should be quite easy. maybe then the sound will be even better.

., 19.12.2019
5 from 5 Great kit to start

The kit is nice, comes even with plastic 3M PCB stands, documentation is clear. This is silicone fuzz, but Ive replaced 2n2222 transistors with GT404B - germanium Soviet ones, the only thing that they are quite big, but Ive managed to put everything in enclosure. You can check the short demo video on YT

., 23.02.2020
5 from 5 Great Quality

More than just the great quality of the pedal (parts) is the great quality of the customer support. I definitely need to get back into this website to purchase more stuff. Stay safe everyone!

., 11.09.2020
5 from 5 easy build, superb fuzz

Superb build for beginner (my 3rd pedal). Just watch the cables leading into jacks (the schematic is litle bit tricky) and dont forget to adjust the internal trimpot. Great sound.

., 18.03.2021
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