The Guvernör - Overdrive kit

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Crunchy Overdrive/Distortion.

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The Guvernör is a Overdrive/Distortion pedal, delivering a very crunchy sound. Often compared with the sound of a 800 stack. It is based on the first series, with the big enclosure.

The 3 band EQ (Bass/Middle/Treble) is doing a great job and gives a great versatile overdive pedal!

This kit contains all parts you need to build a fully functional effect pedal. Also very useful:

Not included in the kit, but also good to have:

  • Aluminium enclosure: select one on the top
  • 9V battery or DC power supply
  • 5 nice knobs for 6.3mm shafts
  • Decal, transfer or transparent sheets for labeling

Instrument: Guitar
Effect-Type: Overdrive


And here reigns the governor:

Build documents

Installation guide: Installation guide

Schematic and pcb: Schematic

Wiring layout: Wiring

Parts list (BOM): Parts list

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4 from 5 An Overdrive with more balls!

It is not the perfet replica of the Marshall one, but you can simply change the op-amp and the diodes/LEDs as you wish. I put a DPDT switch to pass from one diodes set to another. It has a bit more gain than the Tube screamer OD based, so you can have distortion even on clean channel. It is a little bit difficult to fit all the components inside the box, take a little time to figure out the layout inside of it. The wiring is very simple and the result is very good! Best buy!

., 18.01.2018
Total entries: 4
4 from 5 Good set

I added a DPDT switch to change between the LEDs and a different set of diodes. I also changed the RC4558 into a TL072. De sound is very good en there is no humming. The building is easy and the documentation is good. I think it is a good product.

., 16.05.2019
4 from 5 La galère et le son

Alors, première expérience sur Musikding. Le contexte actuel a fait que ma commande a mis 10j à arriver (on peut comprendre, normal). En revanche, première constatation, il manque un potentiomètre sur les 5 qui devraient être fournis. Jai pris le parti de ne pas contacter le site car je sentais que jen aurais eu pour des jours et des jours (surtout vu les services de la Poste actuellement).. Bref, je monte tout avec un pote et jutilise un potard en ma possession. Rien ne fonctionne, je revérifie tout et me rend compte de quelques erreurs mais surtout du manque de clarté à propos du câblage des entrée/sortie jack (je ny connais pas grand chose donc ça été long, attention aux noobs en éléctroniques..). Après plusieurs combinaisons le bypass fonctionne et leffet aussi, avec quelques faux contacts (la place est finalement restreinte pour tout rentrer).
En revanche, ça sonne. Cest réactif, vivant en fonction de lattaque. Le gain peut être poussé jusquà une saturation bien pêchue type Turbo OD. La partie vraiment intéressante est lEQ qui permet de changer rapidement de couleurs doverdrive. Sur un AC15 ça sonne délicieusement bien, donc sur un ampli haut de gamme jose imaginer...

., 19.04.2020
4 from 5 Ridiculously versatile, essential!

Excelent build really. PCB has a small printing mistake that may induce some confusion, make sure to read the guide, but even then its at most a matter of swapping 2 wires.

A really great pedal, I got this searching for the Carcass tone(Guvnor into 5150) and it does exactly that. It also does an excelent Maiden/80s metal tone if you put it through a clean amp.

Works great as a very controllable overdrive too, I was kind of expecting this to be a one trick pony but it really is very versatile, super recommended!

., 22.06.2022
5 from 5 Happy with it

Ill give 5 stars as I got what I wanted, Gary Moores tone/overdrive.
Im very satisfied with the overdrive and how it performs.
My kit included the PCB for the 3PTD switch, which was not in the diagram but I used anyways... and had trouble, luckily I had another switch that I used instead (without pcb) and that solved the issue.
I did not get an enclosure as I printed my own, but I definitely should have ordered the knobs too.
in a nutshell: awesome kit, fair price. it delivers whats promised.
Ill be ordering another kit soon enough.

., 27.03.2023
Total entries: 4

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