The Plus - Distortion kit

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The Plus is a distortion based on the good old MXR Distortion+.

This kit contains all parts you need to build a fully functional effect pedal.

Not included in the kit, but also very good to have:

  • Aluminium enclosure: select one above.
  • 9V battery or DC power supply
  • 2 nice knobs for the pots, for 6.3mm shafts
  • Decal, transfer or transparent sheets for labeling

Instrument: Guitar
Effect-Type: Distortion


That´s the sound of the Distortion Plus:

Build documents

Installation guide: Installation guide

Schematic and pcb: Schematic

Parts list (BOM): Parts list

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5 from 5 Excellent distortion

Easy to built. Good for starters. And the sound is amazing. I didnt expect it to be this good for such a low price, I was very surprised. So really recommend this.

., 09.09.2013
5 from 5 Simple

Practically noiseless distortion-pedal. Goes from almost overdrive-ish to full distortion. Not as much sustain as the big muff, but great sound.

., 11.09.2013
5 from 5 Great!

Very easy and fast to make pedal but with a great result.
Comptley noisless it gives a big range of distortion from blues cruchy to metal distortion.
Works great even on a crunch or lead channel, giving more sustain and fatting up the sound.

im impressed!

., 07.03.2014
5 from 5 mortel!!!

Kit facile et rapide à monté , le son est énorme ! Je recommande se kit pour se familiariser avec le diy !

., 14.01.2015
5 from 5 Loving this

Plenty of space on the board made this very easy to solder, worked first time and Im a novice pedal builder.

Personally I sneaked in a couple of germanium diodes (1n270) in series with supplied silicon ones, the sound is phenomenal, great range on the distortion control, lovely fat lead tone, and somehow Im also getting great crunchy chords without losing definition even on the most complex chords.

., 26.02.2015
4 from 5 Easy to build a little bit harsh

Was the first kit I built on my own, was very funny and easy. It tooks a sunday afternoon to be completed and was my first experience with solder and components... so, it means its very easy at all!
The result is ok. I never played a real Distortion+, so I cannot compare, but this pedal sounds quitly good until 12 oclock... at higher gain it became very very harsh. Maybe Ill mod it in the future, there are many tutorial on the web.
Anyway, I start using it as boost on my dirty channel on the valve amp and in this way works great. Compression and sustain are there... very nice.

., 05.11.2015
5 from 5 Easy to build, great sound

The soldering is easy and straightforward, as it is the wiring. A perfect beginners project. It took me an afternoon to complete it. The sound is amazing with my vox a 15, great presence and definition of the sound. A bit too harsh when cranked but I dont like too much Distortion anyway. Together with the ts9 makes an amazing combo.

., 21.10.2016
5 from 5 Excellent !

1st attempt ever for me to make an effect pedal, though I started building buffers and blenders, this kit is 100% beginner-proof. PCB is great, soldering job was easy and the components are good quality. Maybe the jacks are a bit cheap, but they do the job. It took me an afternoon to complete it, including the drilling and mounting time. Great kit for the price, the distortion effect is really good and offers a nice gain for blues and heavy music with plenty of good lows. Maiden and Black Sabbath fans, come and get this kit ! I have a lot of pleasure playing the unit, which works great on my ENGL amp and sweetly drives my 1st gain stages (The Plus sounds better than the amps crunch channel). Feels even better than my TS-9 for boosting ! Thanks, Musikding ! Ill come get some other kits again for sure !

., 18.11.2016
5 from 5 easy to build and great sound musikding n°1 thanks

easy to build and great sound musikding n°1 thanks

., 06.06.2017
4 from 5 Disto fuzzy vintage

Voilà premier essaie fait! Montée avec des condos Wima, elle sonne très bien... A gros drive ça fuzz joliment, ça dégouline du haut parleur, perso j’apprécie. Je la préfère au drive de mon ampli Koch! Cest plus un gros overdrive quune distortion, quelque part entre overdrive et fuzz. Drive a fond cest vite trop brouillon, perso je suis plus ou moins vers 14 heures, elle accepte aussi très bien mon booster qui est un clone du centaur. A la maison, javais un super plock à lallumage mais sur le pedal board plus rien nickel...

., 06.09.2017
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