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The VCLFO 10 is a simple-to-use 0-5V voltage-controlled LFO chip with many more features than your average LFO. For a start, it can produce 16 basic waveforms, and also includes a noise source. It can also distort its waveforms under CV control, well beyond basic PWM.

There is an optional sample-and-hold module that can sample whatever is selected, the current waveform or the noise source. The LFO frequency, waveform selection, waveform distortion, and S&H rate are all voltage-controlled using 0-5V. The overall output level is also voltage-controlled.

This chip is an upgraded (but still compatible) version of the original VCLFO 9D chip. It offers an improved sample rate (31.25KHz instead of 19.5KHz), better waveform storage resolution (16-bit instead of 8) and no longer requires use of a timing crystal. Additionally, it is now possible to configure the chip for inverted CV inputs, which makes dealing with CV mixers very simple.

DIP 14 Bauform.

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