N.E.W. Bass Overdrive kit

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Bass dirt.

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The N.E.W. Bass Overdrive is a high-gain bass dirt box inspired by the Boss ODB-3, but with the addition of a switchable frequency mid-control, fixed EQ bypass, clipping selector, and clean blend.

This kit contains all necessary parts, including the pcb: Parts list

Knobs for the pots are not included in the kit, you can select them yourself. The pots have round 6.3mm shafts.

Here´s the build documentation:
GCI Bass Overdrive docs

Instrument: Bass
Effect-Type: Distortion

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5 from 5 ODB-3 variant, with extra controls to shape the tone.

I built this project because i wanted to try an ODB-3, i thought it was a clone, but it is not, according to the designer. Be that as it may, it is a very interesting circuit nontheless.

I built a few GCI and N.E.W circuits, i have never been disappointed.

Nothing to report about the building process, it happened 3 or 4 months ago and i cant even remember building it, so it probably means that it went very smoothly.

I cant compare it with an ODB-3, but it is a great circuit with more EQ controls than the original. Nothing singular or weird here, it is a solid and effective working tool.

The mid control is very effective and useful, bass and treble have lots of range, each toggleswithes have a significant impact on the signal.

I asked on GCI pedal group how to dial the controls to get something as close as possible to the ODB-3. I have been answered that this circuit is not intended to sound exactly like an ODB-3.

There is a large range of sounds, we can change the EQ and the gain texture, it sounds really good. Its among the best bass overdrive circuit i have built or bought so far.

It can be transparent, to let the amp give its own touch to the sound, or we can use the various controls to shape the tone and give some color to the signal. I think it can do some very convincing distorting bass tube amp emulation. The internal EQ is quite refined, we can feel it when we toggle it on and off. The sound is very warm and constructed when the internal EQ is on, it gets much more open when it is off.

I have also built a bass od circuit with a real tube that i like very much (Bass Amuser). New Bass OD doesnt have the exact same warmth in its gain texture, but it is also very satisfaying and easier to shape the tone to suit my needs. I also play with an original BK3, it is not the same sound obviously, but New Bass OD is just as good in my opinion, with more EQ and gain options.

Clean Blend allows to go from clean to fully distorted, with crunchy tones and all the subtle variations in between.

This distortion can be the perfect tool in many situations, and can work well with many kinds of music styles : it can boost an other effect, shape the clean signal with the EQ, or be used as a preamp after an other gain effect, etc.

Highly recommended, all my thanks to GCI and musikding for this great project !

., 01.02.2024
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