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Potentiometer in the kits are featuring a 6.3mm round shaft!

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2 Knob Job

8,50 *
Available now!

3PDT Buffer kit

starting from 8,50 *
Available now!

AfterBlaster kit

starting from 12,50 *
Available now!

Buff N Blend kit

starting from 15,00 *
Not available now!

EmeraldRing kit

starting from 17,00 *
Available now!

ParaMix kit

starting from 31,50 *
Available now!

Roto-Tone Deluxe kit

6,90 *
Available now!

Silent Tuner Buffer kit

starting from 16,00 *
Available now!

Sonic Tonic EQ/Enhancer kit

starting from 25,00 *
Available now!

Tone TWEQ active EQ kit

starting from 23,00 *
Not available now!