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The Boss is based one of the oldest Fuzz effects. It is delivering great, juicy fuzz tones.

This kit contains all parts you need to build a fully functional effect pedal. Also very useful:

Not included in the kit, but also good to have:

  • Aluminium enclosure: select one from the top
  • 9V battery or DC power supply
  • 2 nice knobs for the pots, for 6.3mm shaft
  • Decal, transfer or transparent sheets for labeling

Instrument: Guitar
Effect-Type: Fuzz


That´s the sound of the Bosstone:

Build documents

Installation guide: Installation guide

Schematic and pcb: Schematic

Wiring layout: Wiring

Parts list (BOM): Parts list

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5 from 5 Good fuzz

Very simple to build, cheap and good sounding

., 25.03.2015
5 from 5 Great sounding fuzz

This fuzz pedal sounds veeery juicy.
The kit is easy to assemble and instructions are very clear.
I was skeptical when I saw the simple circuit board, but I can confirm that the sound is top notch. Goes really well with my Gretsch G5420T.

The enclosure is cast aluminum, so its durable, easy to drill and provides shielding form interference.

My only complaint is that washers for pots are not included (as for every musikding project). Maybe I got something wrong, but without washer you cant panel mount the pots.
I had to fabricate my own washers (couldnt wait for proper ones).

I also ordered Madamp G3, and it has all washers included.

., 15.07.2015
5 from 5 Great Pedal

Very good service : package and shipping. Kit easy to build , very clear instructions.
Best of all : great sounding pedal ! I starded to play in 70 -> Jen Fuzz and EH big Muff , but this pedal is far better ! Very silent , dynamic , organic.

., 16.11.2016
5 from 5 Great for first pedal

i start making pedals with this kit, i am really happy with the tone and if you want with a simple mod you can put these pedal sound like EHX satisfaction.

Really well done pcb, great materials and cheap.

., 05.03.2019
5 from 5 Easy build, great sound

My first kit, the instructions are easy to follow and the build is simple and funny. The sound is full but not extreme fuzz, sounds great on the neck position and in front of an already overdriven amp.

., 24.05.2020
5 from 5 Great, different Fuzz

This was my second build from Das Musikding, I chose this one because its different to the typical fuzz everybody has in their rig (Fuzz Face, Tone Bender, Muffs...) and I wanted it to be a llitle bit brighter than those others... and it was a great choice!! Not a radical aggresive modern fuzz, of course, just a vintage touch of dirt with that sparkling character you will only find in the Jordan Audio schematic... Go for it if you want a cool fuzz differnt from everybodys.

., 18.02.2021
5 from 5 One of the most underrated fuzz ever!

This is, in my own opinion, one of the most underrated fuzz ever.
I find the PCB really small, so you have to pay attention to the close traces.
In my kit there were missing the two mini standoff; you really need them, because the pots are wired to the PCB and not direct soldered.
The pedal is very cool, usable, not muddy, quite quiet, just a little lacking on the bass side.....but thats how is drawn.
A must have!
Again thanks to Klaus and Gitte for making such a nice kits: every resistor has his own value handwritten, so you dont need your meter; parts are of good quality and boxes are nice drilled.

., 24.03.2021
5 from 5 Way better than I imagined!!!

This was my first pedal build ever, and first solder job ever. It took me like 3 hours or so to do, I made a bunch of rookie mistakes, but in the end, the pedal works and sounds incredible. Im selling my other pedals now, because this replaces it directly. Couldnt be happier!

Very easy to put assemble.

., 02.05.2021
5 from 5 A fuzzy feeling

This is my second attempt at DIY guitar pedals, and this went well. Sounds great, and was easy to assemble. Got a confidence boost (although I got stuck at my boost pedal) to continue one next projects.

Thank you Musikding!

., 19.02.2022
5 from 5 Boss Fuzz


., 05.03.2023
Total entries: 10

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