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The Valhalla is an overdrive/preamp that reproduces the legendary sound of the Diezel VH4.

This kit contains the PCB and all necessary parts. The enclosure can be selected, please select 7 knobs for 6.3mm shaft seperately.
Here is the bill of material: bill of material

This project is by PedalPCBs, in cooperation with Musikding. If you have any problems with the contents of the kit, please contact Das Musikding (Klaus).

Here is the direct link to the manual with layout and schematic:

Instrument: Guitar
Effect-Type: Distortion Overdrive

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5 from 5 Well Made kit, Easy to build.

The Pcb is of really good quality, with back soldering pots, and a separated 3pdt pcb is also included i you want to use it.
Also the circuit is designed to be powered with 9v so compared to the original wich works with 18v its a good surprise.
There was some mismatch in the components delivered with the kit (2 missing condos and one that was the wrong value). It would have been a pain if i didnt had spares ones but if you are in diy, you should have spares already :).

I made it in one day (including enclosure drilling) and everything is working as intendended, very limited white noise added at maximum gain.
I cant compare with the cloned one but i must say im really pleased with the result (and most importantly, the sound !!).

., 17.03.2020
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5 from 5 More gain

High gain distortion with tons of options tone-wise.
The components were all quality stuff.
I used a dpdt switch instead of the 3pdt contained in the kit, cause why spend 3 lugs when not needed
The pre-striped wires were a very nice touch ( A little cherry on the cake :) )
Bought this with a pre-drilled enclosure and it fitted like a glove. Its a little tricky to choose when to solder the led, so think that ahead.

If you plan to use you own pots, make sure you use reverse log for the Deep and Presence pots -although the are a bit hard to find- cause otherwise those controls will be unusable

To my pedalboard and beyond!

., 24.05.2019
4 from 5 Great kit, questionable C25K pot replacement

I bought 2 of these kits because I really enjoy building and giving to musician friends. It has been a tough 2+ years on gigging musicians and a little love goes a long way.

These are the 6th and 7th kits Ive bought from Das. As with the first 5 (Fuzz Factory), these were well-sorted, easy to follow the BOM list to populate the pcb and PetalPCB does a great wiring diagram so no issues with the building process. I was however at odds with the 2 - C25K replacements in each kit with B25K. These are for the depth and presence pots. B style pots do not work, all of the adjustments happens on the last 25% of the dial, so from 8 oclock to 3 oclock nothing, then from 3 oclock to 5 oclock, everthing so its not very useful. I understand C25K are very hard to find, but a C20 or a C50 with a resistor between 2-3 legs would have been a better solution.

With that, I have to take away a star from an otherwise perfect experience.

If youre looking for the Adam Jones tones and dont want to spend 3 times as much on a used VH4, this is the next best thing.

All of my emails from Das are getting listed as phishing because their email server isnt receiving anything. Klaus, please look into that.


., 23.04.2022
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