XX Double Shot Dual Boost kit

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Two booster in one package gives you a versatile booster with a wide array of tones. Achieve chimey cleans to powerful chunky chords. The kit includes 2 footswitches, so both boost stages can be acitvated during playing.

This kit contains the pcb and all necessary parts. You can choose an enclosure, please select 2 knobs for 6,3mm shaft separately.
Here is a list with the parts in the kit: Bill of materials

This project is by GuitarPCB.com, in cooperation with Musikding. If you have any problem with the content of the kits like missing or wrong parts, please contact Musikding (Klaus). For any technical problem relating to building this project, please contact Barry at GuitarPCB.com forum.

You get full technical support at the GuitarPCB.com forum, membership is free of course:
GuitarPCB Forum.

Here is the direct link to the building docs, including layout and schematic:
Build documentation

Instrument: Guitar Bass
Effect-Type: Boost

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4 from 5 Easy building

So far this kit is so easy to build, unfortunately Im not done yet due the caps where missing in the package and Im waiting for the new shipment, Ill update about the sound of it once Ill be done.

., 15.04.2018
3 from 5 It could be much better

After 4 builds from this site, Im sad to report I didnt like this kit. The sound is fine, but its just not a nice experience. I was expecting an easy straight forward assembly and a solid pedal, but odd technical decisions makes this a pedal that I wish it was better, but its not.

PRO: Good sound
CONS: fragile build, small solder connection, odd LED functionality, wrong documentation.

The board is 100% secured in place by the LED, which made it very fragile and I had to re-do the LED connections because the first time it broke, other kits uses the potentiometer connections to hold the board firmly. So I had to add insulation internally in the case to make sure nothing is shorting. And the LED holder is not the nice quality aluminum holders from other kits, its just a flimsy plastic one. If I was going to start it again, I would put wires connecting to the LED to the board to avoid breakage.

Talking about wires, such a small build, so many wires. wow.

The board itself has very small soldering area for each component which are difficult to solder and creates funny looking solder points which dont seem too robust and I wouldnt trust for a tour.

The LED design is odd at best. Its a 2 tone LED (green/red) for a 2 switch pedal, great, so we get off-> off; 1st boost -> green and 2nd boost -> red, right? Wrong! It is off -> green; on -> red. If its the 1st or 2nd boost on you just have to hear and try to figure out by yourself.

The documentation was also wrong regarding the 2nd boost potentiometer, the cables were inverted and was full boost at 0 and no boost as max. I had to swap them around. The documentation is also very vague regarding the bass boost; which is another odd choice to add to a transparent boost.

The redeeming quality is that it actually sound pretty nice, I could see using this for recording (where foot-click accuracy is not so important and it wouldnt be throw around like in a tour). I can get a crunchy Black Sabbath on the 1st boost on my British sounding valve amp, and a full-on distortion with the 2nd boost. All by just boosting the volume.

But said all that, I just ordered the HardOne boost and you can check the review in a month or so.

., 23.12.2020
Total entries: 2

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