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The Forum-Bibe is one of the best Univibe-Clone projects available. The pcb is very well designed, and allows building a vintage style version and a more modern version including many modifications.

This kit contains all necessary parts, here´s the partslist (BOM) for version FV-5: Parts ist

Knobs are not included in the kit, please select yourself. The pots have a round 6,3mm shaft.
To power the vibe you need a 18V power supply.

This project is NOT for beginners, please build it if you have some effects DIY experience!

Tge pcb has the dimensions 100mm x 80mm, for a good build you should at leat use a JJ or DD enclosure.

Here´s the documentation for the project:
The Forum-Vibe Project

Build layouts: Wiring and parts layout

The Forum-Vibe doc: Forum-Vibe doc file

And here are two vidoes on Youtube:
Forum-Vibe 1
Forum-Vibe 2

Instrument: Guitar
Effect-Type: Mod/Echo

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5 from 5 Great sound

Great sound and quite easy to build. Works well with a 24V DC adaptor.

Buon clone dellUnivibe. Molti pezzi, ma con un po di metodo risulta piuttosto semplice da costruire. Funziona al meglio con un alimentatore da 24v DC.

., 06.11.2015
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4 from 5 Quite awesome

Really nice pcb! You cant solder anything wrong due to the giant space between the solder islands. It could have been more compact though.

The documentation is lacking powersupply information. It includes a bridge rectifier which can handle ac. Musikding says youll need an 18V powersupply, which will provide enough juice for it. The 2000mA 18V adaptor is a good match because it uses a lot of mili amps.

., 23.04.2015
5 from 5 very nice sound

very nice sound , just a little bit volume drop

., 28.05.2015
4 from 5 Great sound not so great documentation

The documentation make it an advanced project, there is no wiring layout (there is one of an older version somewhere on the net). There are small mistakes in the schematic and on the PCB picture on the website, so if you dont get it to work right away itll make troubleshooting more difficult than it needs to be. The PCB is very high quality and the sound is great. Musikding should overhaul the documentation and it would be 5 stars.
For maximum vintage correctness, do NOT wire as true bypass, the pedal does something really nice to the tone with the killswitch engaged which leaves all of the circuit it the signal path.

., 07.05.2016
4 from 5 Documentation disaster

The build as such is easy . But the documentation on wiring and fine-tuning the thing is pretty poor . Ive build 3 now : one stock , one with a few mods and now the Red House version with all the mods and a separate power supply like the original . It has about all the pros and cons of the original : intensity starts to work in between 5 and 7 in chorus mode and then up to 10 it really swirls . Slow to fast speed takes very little travel of the pot so I got to figure out to adjust the lfo so the thing will go slower than it does . Not really a beginners kit .

., 03.08.2016
5 from 5 The great original vibe

The Forum vibe kit allows you to build by yourself one of the most sought after effects.
Soldering is quite easy, the PCB is very well designed, but you need to be very patient and consciencious, given the high number of components.
The documentation provided by Classic Amplification lacks of clarity, fortunately Musikding provides a very useful wiring diagram.
The sound is absolutely gorgeous, at least as good as a Fulltone MDV.

My favorite musikding build so far.

., 18.03.2017
5 from 5 Vintage 5 Forum Vibe

I have been building pedals for some time now , always wanted to build a Uni- vibe clone but never found a decent kit until now . Built this over the week end I am so impressed the only thing I did change was the LDRs and bought a real Bulb 1.5v 80ma for vintage pulsing throb sound that is recommended if you build the vintage version you must use the right parts . Great quality PCB fiberglass I think this build will easily impress . I didnt really find it a problem to follow the build Docs. Did my homework before buying learnt a lot . Many thanks Stu.

., 30.11.2017
4 from 5 Great pcb

Just finished the pcb I have got off board wiring to do,the only thing I can criticises is after reading about builds of the uni vibe is lack of updated information ,yes I know it’s a advanced build but us pedal builders like to have a go at something a bit harder but please update documentation

., 20.08.2018
5 from 5 Great Kit and Great Service

I ordered this kit and had it sent to the US. The kit got here quickly. Everything in the kit was well organized. I had one question while building the kit and emailed support. I received an answer the same day (thank you very much)! The instructions are very good and the Vibe fired up the first time. I would definitely purchase anything from Das Musikding!

., 05.01.2019
5 from 5 this is the kit youve been looking for

were else can you find this nice of a sounds great and is a fun build....i learned a lot about the circuit trying to figure out the the documentation.everything you need to build it is there but you have to know where to look.the first link,the one that says forum-vibe project is the one to use.the others are for previous sure to follow the instructions for the version of the board you have,and make a point of reading about the mods even if you are building the vintage.the mods section has the info about the wiring and also how to set up the photo cells.follow the pictorial drawing for the vintage build and not the schematic or it wont work.r48 and r49 are reversed.i spent more time on research than i did building and thing ive always found is i learn more if things are not as clear as they could fits nicely in the jj sized enclosure,with plenty of room for top got here fast to the u.s. with the cheaper shipping....way to go musikding!

., 24.02.2019
5 from 5 The cherry on my pedalboard cake

This sounds amazing, I’m really delighted. It took a good while to build but totally worth the time & effort. I chose to do the full mods as I assumed they improve on the original design. Plenty of reading up on The Forum Vibe which seemed confusing but it became clear after a while. I managed to squeeze everything into the DD enclosure, including the rotary 3 way Vibe mod (which comes with the extra caps needed - nice touch Musikding) and it looks and sounds great in my pedalboard. Works flawlessly with my Truetone CS12 by the way - very rewarding and I recommend highly but not for the novice unless you are willing to read up a lot! Thanks Musikding & Forum Vibe Project.

., 27.05.2019
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