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The Madamp G3 Rock is a flexible little 3W bedroom guitar amp with the following features::

  • Single channel with Gain, Treble/Middle/Bass, and Volume for Clean und Crunch and more.
  • Real Push/Pull power amp with phase inverter, enough headroom for all sounds.
  • Low power gives you real power amp overdrive at a bearable volume level.

The kit for the G3 Rock contains all necessary parts to build a complete and fully working amp:

  • tubes, sockets, power- and output transformer
  • Resistors, capacitors, potentiometer.
  • Switches, jacks, cable, fuses and lnobs.
  • Wiring material, screws, terminal strips and so on...
  • Ready drilled and painted steel chassis (WxDxH 254 x 152 x 51 mm) for hanging mounting with threaded holes.

Complete documentation in electronic form:

  • Comprehensive, pictured build documentation (22 pages).
  • Schematic and wiring layout.
  • Sheet with all voltages for troubleshooting.

You only need an enclosures, headshell or combo to go on stage.

The documentation is sent by eMail. If you should not get this on the same day as you get the shipping confirmation, please tell us. Sometimes it gets caught in spam folders.

If you have any question to this amp or technical problems, just ask Martin directly in the forum: Madamp support Forum.

For questions on missing or worng parts, please contact us through the contact form: Musikding contact.

Instrument: Guitar
Effect-Type: Amp

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5 from 5 G3 Rock gemacht für jeden Rocker

Der kleine Madamp G3 Rock war mein erstes Röhrenamp Projekt.
Ich muss sagen das dieser Verstärker sehr simpel aufgebaut ist und trotzdem einen genug zum nachdenken bringt.
Perfekt um sich ein Bild zu machen, wie ein kleiner Verstärker aufgebaut ist.
Das Gesamte Modul habe ich in einer selbstgebauten Box, Style VOX AC15 mit einem 12 Celestion Greenback betrieben. Mit diesen 3 Watt Leistung kann man zuhause ordentlich Rocken und das Gain, bzw. die Röhren zum knacken bringen.
Kleine Tipps.
Bevor ihr mit dem Löten anfängt, kontrolliert ob jedes einzelne Teil vorhanden ist und misst mit einem Multimeter alle Wiederstände und Kondensatoren durch! So stellt ihr schon im vorhinein fest, ob irgend ein Teil defekt/falsch geliefert worden ist und sucht am Schluss den Fehler nicht während mehreren Stunden.

Nehmt euch genug Zeit bei der Endkontrolle, und misst alle angegebenen Punkte durch.
So verhindert Ihr jegliche Probleme und Unfälle.

Ich empfehle den G3 Rock auf jeden fall für alle die gewisse Kenntnisse in der Elektronik haben oder lernen möchten.

Mit voller Überzeugung werde ich sicherlich demnächst das nächstgrössere Modell von Madamp in angriff nehmen.

Danke dem Musikdingteam für die tolle Unterstützung und rasche Hilfestellung!

., 19.11.2020
4 from 5 Very nice sounding project...

Actually, this is my second attempt to build a MadAmp DIY-kit. Maybe due to a wrong start (missing or wrong parts) but my first ‘G3-Blues’ is still not working (anyone interested?). And I still havent the slighest idea what the problem is (one important thing to mention is to notice the correct orientation of the rectifier...).

Therefore, again a good advise to (double-)check and measure every part and electrical component (using a decent multi-meter is obliged!) before you start constructing. Of course, I have no insight or knowledge of schemes, etcetera (I just do strictly what is described). However, in my opinion I believe that the G3-Rock’-version has a somewhat more logical lay out (or maybe because it was my second build I obtained more insight;-).
Nevertheless, in a ‘normal time-schedule I completed my G3 Rock’-version. After finishing I started measuring. All the values were within a tight 1-2 %, except for the VII-6 (within an acceptable margin of 10%). No complications: smoke, explosions or whatever as unwanted ‘special effects’. So, finally I could plug in my guitar. It immediately sounded like a… tube-amp. Maybe a bit on the thin side, but unmistakenly I heard a tube-sound (with that little edgy sound). Possibly the thinner sound was caused by my own choice of a smaller speaker (8 inch Jensen) and a smaller enclosure (this part was really a home-made construction!). Normally I like to play ‘boken chords’ with SC, but now I had to switch to HB for almost the same sound I am used to. Maybe this little amp will produce a more grown up sound together with a 12 inch cabinet. But as I already have two excellent tube-amps (with 12 and 10 inch speakers respectively) I opted for a small and compact tube-amp. Speaking of grown up: when in OD-mode (Gain at max.) the tubesound is very convincing, although I rather prefer the flexibility of my pedals. To summarize, building your own Tube-amp was one of my dreams to come true. And I did. If you want a perfect amp with no hassle, buy a commercial one. But if you really feel the challenge and the euphoric VICTORY of building one by yourself, this is really a nice and affordable challenge. Thanks to Musikding and MadAmp to make my long cherished Dream come true!

Note: not a 5, but also not a 4. Ill reward this product with a 4.5 (or a 9, in a scale out of ten).

., 07.03.2021
5 from 5 Good easy kit


., 15.04.2021
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