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Chaotic Fuzz based on a VCO.

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The Raygun Youth Chaos Fuzz is a insane sounding fuzz based on the CD4046 Phase Locked Loop (PLL) chip.

A phase locked loop is basically an oscillator (VCO) that generates an output based on a external reference signal. In this case it's a guitar signal that the PLL tries to lock on to. I am writing ?tries? since a guitar signal is very complex and has alot of overtones and harmonies, making perfect tracking near impossible, thus creating very chaotic sounds.

This circuit works best with high output pickups. It is a gated circuit by nature of the comparator that turns the signal into a squarewave. If you are using single coils and need more sustain, try a boost or compressor in front. To improve tracking, use your neck pickup with the tone rolled off. I find that the most interesting sounds is up high on the fretboard.

This kit is a creation by Parasitstudio.se in cooperation with Musikding.de. If you have any problem with the content of the kits like mising or wrong parts, please contact Musikding (Klaus) at kontakt@musikding.de. For any technical problem relating to building this project, please contact Fredrik at www.parasitstudio.se.

Here´s the parts list: Parts List (BOM)

This kit contains all parts you need to build a fully functional effect pedal. Not included in the kit, but also good to have:

  • Aluminium enclosure: select one from top
  • 9V DC power supply
  • 3 nice knobs for the potentiometer, up to 20mm diameter and for 6.3mm shafts
  • Decal, transfer or transparent sheets for labeling

Raygun Youth docs.

Instrument: Guitar Bass
Effect-Type: Mod/Echo Octave Fuzz

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3 from 5 Not for beginners

This build was a little troublesome to get done, mostly because the instructions were a little hard to understand. Ordered this for my buddy and he never got any sound out of it. I guess if you understand how Parasit designs their stuff and what theyre after then this is the sound mangler for you (:

., 30.12.2016
4 from 5 great sound, not the easiest build

The PCB is very nice and easy to work with, but getting the mode switch and pots lined up and on the same height is tricky, as I found out when I broke one of the pots getting it into the enclosure. Soldering the pots high on their legs and putting some washers on the pots helps to have them sit securely.
The sound is great, crazy chaos fuzz and glitches.
I ordered two PCBs and one of them is a v1.1, which has the optional CV input - highly recommended if you have the outboard equipment to drive it!

., 09.10.2017
5 from 5 Easy to build and fun as hell!

If you are thinking about what you are doing, youll have no trouble to assemble it. It took me three hours to finish it.
Regarding the sound, it is fun, fun, fun! The first mode is a nice fuzz but the other theree are the real adventure! I highly recomend it to anyone willing to step out of the box and explore something new!

., 03.03.2019
4 from 5 Great PCB and parts, instructions could use some work

I was happy to see that the PCB was extremely clear and that the supplied parts were easy to use (long-legged pots, chip holders, etc.)

The only problem is Parasites documentation leaves out some information and is vague about certain things (especially around the footswitch and LED installation.)

Generally happy. ;-)

., 24.07.2019
5 from 5 wonderful

This kit is not a total beginner kit, needs a tiny bit of experience I guess. I built it in a BB enclosure, and I dont regret my choice, as its more comfortable to fit everything it, including the CV jack (yep, the raygun is now in a second version including a CV control of disorder pot).

Ce kit nest pas pour les tout débutants je pense, je lai bricolée dans une boîte BB, et je ne le regrette pas, cest plus facile de tout faire rentrer dedans, y compris le jack de controle CV du potard disorder.

This is messy but totally playable when you learnt to understand how the pedal works. What is fun is, as the chip produces the sound, every instrument will sound the same, from the recorder to the bagpipes, from the synth to the bass guitar, everything will sound like a f****** robot which wants to destroy humanity.

Ca fout le zbeul mais cest jouable si tu apprends à lutiliser. Ce qui est marrant cest que comme la puce produit le son, tous les instruments sonneront pareil, flute, cornemuse, synthé, basse, tout sonne comme un robot de la mort qui veut exterminer lhumanité.

Good to know, the messiness of that box makes it difficult to understand what is played when youre playing with other people/instruments, per exemple with drums, or a synth bass line, it is easy just to hear a strange low medium growling. Plus the attack of the machine is pretty slow. I found a nice way to exploit the raygun for those conditions. I split my instrument signal to the raygun on one part, and to a slightly gated fuzz factory to the other hand. This makes the perfect combination of heaviness and messiness.

Bon à savoir, le zbeul qui sort de cette pédale rend parfois difficile de discerner ce qui se passe quand on ne joue pas seul, par exemple avec une batterie ou un synthé, on entend vite un grondement bas medium. Et lattaque est plutot lente. Jai trouvé une facon cool dexploiter la pédale en splittant le signal de linstrument, dune part vers le raygun, et dautre part vers une fuzz factory avec un leger gate.

Thanks parasit for this fuzz and your work !

., 20.07.2020
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