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The Phaser is based on one of the most famous Phaser pedals. Unlike the original it also features a Deep knob.

This kit contains all parts you need to build a fully functional effect pedal.

Not included in the kit, but also good to have:

  • Aluminium enclosure: select one from top
  • 9V battery or DC power supply
  • 2 nice knobs for the pots, for 6,3mm shaft
  • Decal, transfer or transparent sheets for labeling

Instrument: Guitar Bass
Effect-Type: Mod/Echo


That´s the sound of our Phase 90 clone:

Build documents

Installation guide: Installation guide

Schematic and pcb: Schematic

Parts list (BOM): Parts list

Setup: Setup and Values

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3 from 3 Customers found the following product review helpful
5 from 5 Really good Phaser

HI guys,
this kit is really good sounding, and easy to built like a lot of products there, even if there is lot of parts.
Dont be afraid of the bias setting and all the voltage values, just make the kit, plug your guitar in and turn your amp an, and slowly turn the trimpot. We make sounds, use you ears !!!

On this kit , I replaced the deep pot with a 430K resistor, and i remove the R15 one (see the schematics) to match the script logo version.


., 08.12.2013
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5 from 5 Nice phase shifting

Easy to built. Nice effect. Good that it has this depth option ad well. And the internal control to adjust your sweep range, right where you like it.

., 09.09.2013
5 from 5 excelent phase

Very cool phaser kit, easy to build and amazing sound

., 28.02.2014
5 from 5 Great Pedal!!!

Ottimo circuito. Bel suono e tante regolazioni. Con il selettore BIAS è facile trovare il suono desiderato.

., 25.06.2014
5 from 5 Perfetto

Phaser eccezionale

., 07.08.2014
5 from 5 execellent!

i really love this sound!
quite easy to build

., 09.03.2015
1 from 1 Customers found the following product review helpful
5 from 5 Nice sound

This pedal was really easy to build- the phaser ajustment on the potmeter was no trouble at all. I did a minor mod on it (removed resistor 15, so it is more like the 90 script) and it sounds great. Be advised that the pcb is a bit large so choose the enclosure accordingly.

., 06.04.2015
5 from 5 Easy to build

This was very easy to built, though it took me a moment to figure out the matched quartet installation.

And the sound is gorgeous, the effect is very clear and it articulates very well.

., 27.04.2015
5 from 5 Geally good Phaser

Hallo. I have now built 3 Phasers and they all sound great : 1 was for a bassplayer
and he loves his Phaser.Espessially the Depth control is really useful to dial in
just the right amount of phaseing. Also to get 4 matched FET´s from start : really
helps to get the trimpot in a sweetspot.All mine Phasers are built as BLOCKLOGO style...
/cheers Magnus

., 04.05.2015
1 from 1 Customers found the following product review helpful
5 from 5 Great sound

The kit is quite easy to build and it perfectly matches the original phase90 sound.
The trimpot allows you to find out the phasing tone youre looking for, as well as the depht knob.

I personally added a 2-way switch on r15 to match the van halen version making the pedal even more versatile.
I pratically keep it always switched on in my pedalboard :)

Great job musikding!

., 10.07.2015
5 from 5 Great kit !

Hello guys ! Its a great kit and very easy to built eaven if you forgot to sold the straps like me, it did it at last ! Sounds great ! Ive nothing to add but to say its better to do it yourself than to buy it !

Salut les gars ! Un kit super, facile à monter si vous avez le matériel adéquat (station de soudure avec une panne de moins dun millimètre). Javais dabord oublié de souder les straps et mal connecté le footswitch mais jai rapidement résolu le problème. Le son est super ! Vive le DIY !

Hallo zusammen ! Einfach zu bauen und klingt hervorragend, thats all !

., 13.07.2015
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