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The Factory- germanium fuzz kit

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The Factory is a clone of a well known boutique fuzz pedal. It is basically an extended germanium fuzz. You can create classic sounds as well as some very unusual sounds.

This kit contains all parts you need to build a fully functional effect pedal. Also very useful:

Not included in the kit, but also good to have:

  • Aluminium enclosure: select one on the top
  • 9V battery or DC power supply
  • 5 nice knobs for the pots, for 6.3mm shaft
  • Decal, transfer or transparent sheets for labeling

Effect-Type: Fuzz
Instrument: Guitar Bass


Here a small selection of Factory sounds:

Build documents

Installation guide: Installation guide

Schematic and pcb: Schematic

Wiring layout: Wiring

Parts list (BOM): Parts list

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5 from 5 Nice One

The pedal works great, its really similar (not the same...imho even better) to the original one. You can get some great sounds paying less than half price... Its really easy to mount, you only need to know how to solder...and you can even modify the pedal as you like! The service is really good and fast. Dont forget to buy the knobs and the washers and nuts for the knobs. So..go for it!

., 27.11.2013
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5 from 5 Amazing stuff

Very nice pcb. Clearly labeled, reasonably sized, and a joy to work with. Sounds really nice and does exactly what you would expect :) Worked at first try, now I only have to box it up.

., 27.02.2017
5 from 5 Great sounding pedal and an easy build

This was my first attempt at DIY. The documentation is clear and easy to follow and the pedal sounds great:


., 24.03.2017
4 from 5 [español] ¡BRUTAL!

A pesar de que el envío se retrasó unos días más de lo indicado, todo llegó en perfectas condiciones. Las instrucciones / esquemas se siguen con facilidad. Tardé poco más de un día en soldar todos los componentes y después decorar el pedal.

Aún no le tengo pillado el tranquillo del todo, pero por lo poco que he tocado, jugar con los potes STAB y COMP da lugar a muchas marcianadas psicodélicas y pitidos. Ideal para mezclarlo con efectos de eco/delay y modulación. Con el potenciómetro de DRIVE, abarcas desde un overdrive suave hasta una distorsión contundente.

En general, lo veo un pedal muy recomendable para tocar stoner / doom / sludge / rock psicodélico /metal.

Estoy muy contento con Musikding, probablemente vuelva a confiar en ellos para comprar algún otro kit.

., 09.08.2017
5 from 5 Ingérable !

Aussi folle que la pédale originale, rue à brutable et complexe ! Je valide !

., 11.12.2017
4 from 5 Recommended.

In English
The PCB is made in a very professional way, the board is very simple to assemble, but making the connections of the potentiometers is not easy.
I would rather mount the potentiometers directly on the PCB.
The sound is very nice, and I recommend to realize it because you can pull off very sound alternative.

The pedal is not easy to play, but this is valid for all Fuzz.

In ItalianIl PCB è realizzato in modo molto professionale, la scheda è molto semplice da montare, ma realizzare i collegamenti dei potenziometri non è semplice.
Avrei preferito montare i potenziometri direttamente sul PCB.
Il suono è molto bello, e consiglio di realizzarlo perche si possono tirare fuori suono molto alternativi.

Il pedale non è facile da suonare, ma questo è valido per tutti i Fuzz.

., 12.12.2017
5 from 5 truc de ouf

Le kit est bien fait, les composants de qualité, ça change du from china, cest top mieux... en plus on est sur de recevoir le matos.
Merci pour avoir pensé a noël (2 bon chocolats dans le colis).
Pour linstant le kit est monté sur un piano type clavinet DIY, mais javoue les réglages sont loin d’être évident, par contre jadore ces sons a la sonic youth.
je recommande largement

., 06.01.2018
4 from 5 Great sound

It takes a while to find out the right way to put all together inside the box, besides that the kit gives everything that is needed to make it work.

., 15.04.2018
4 from 5 Fuuuuuuuuzzzzzzzzzzccrrrrrrrruuuuiiyiyyyyyy

Super Kit et super pédale.

Cest mon second essai de kit chez Musikding.

Le premier cétait the Screamer.

The Factory est plus facile à monter (moins de composants) mais le cablage est plus délicat et si on ne fait pas attention en soudant, le risque derreur ou de rupture dune soudure est plus important.

Il y a beaucoup de cables à souder, et peu de place, mais ça le fait.

Seul bémol, il manquait la diode parmi les pièces envoyées.

Jen avais une davance et finalement ça na pas posé problème.

Une fois branchée, la pédale fonctionne sans souci et produit du gros son ;).


., 16.04.2018
5 from 5 Squeal little piggy...!

First pedal I ever DIYd. My build time was about 4 hours.

Kit worked right away. Pretty straight forward, nothing complicated (gets a bit mad towards the end when you have to wire up 5 knobs, but nothing too hard to accomplish if you keep your wits about you).

Was kinda taken aback by how eh, WRONG it sounded, but then I realised the controls are REALLY interactive, and its a good idea to read the original Fuzz Factory manual. Takes a while to find a good sound, but when you do, its bliss. This is a pedal for the adventurous, for those who want to stumble upon coincidences and be carried away by serendipitous moments of squealing pig fuzz violence.

In plain English - its fucking great, motherfucker. Buy it and build it and enjoy some soldering iron quality time.

NB: By the way, great parts and PCB. Input/Output jacks are a bit too close to the control pots, and in my opinion should be drilled lower in the enclosure toward the backplate to completely clear the pots (I applied some black electrical tape over the back of the pots). Also, the enclosure varies a bit from the picture - i.e. the LED and footswitch are very close to each other towards the centre of the enclosure, rather than widely separated and put in their respective corner like in the Musikding product photo. I think the product photo looks sexier, but what I received is not a deal breaker. Still, I was ever so slightly disappointed by that. The rest of the pedal is great - just nitpicking over minor details!

., 19.06.2018
4 from 5 The factory: nice but a bit nasty.


The package was organised very well, with every component divided by type in a very clear precise way (resistors by impedance, capacitors by capacity value, transistors by serial number and so on) and the pcb was very clear, with every spot clearly marked with the correct component number as read on the parts list.


The pcb soldering step is quite easy, as there are not so much components to work on, but here come some little troubles. First, there are lot of cables that starts from the pcb and ends to the potentiometers, the input/output jack and the DC in, that could became a true jungle without a rational organization, specifically in the future in case of maintenance needed. My personal advice is to tie the wiring that ends to the same component with little paper tape and write on short keyword to quickly identify it (i.e. volume for the wiring of the volume potentiometer etc.). This will help a bit also to keep the cables as divided as possible in order to avoid chaos as much as possible.
Second, the potentiometers are built with a little appendix on the side, which is designed for a better anchorage to the enclosure and for position maintenance during the use, but there are no holes on the enclosure for this ! You have to add them by yourself by drilling the enclosure and they have to be as similar as possible to the dimensions of these little appendix, at the right distance to the centre of the main hole. It is not possible not to do that, because without its space, this appendix will prevent you to put the potentiometers in the right way, with the right axis among the enclosure.


I use it with very simple Alnico Classic humbucker on a 2013 Epiphone Les Paul Standard. At first, it seem to sound like a more cruchy overdrive, until drive pot is set before 3 oclock. After that, it literally releases the beast and goes crazy. Gate control is very important to limit background noise and to set the sound definition, in order to avoid muddy crap damaging your ears. Compression control is maybe the most interesting thing, use it to obtain from a punchy attack to 8 bit-like noises. Stab control works as low battery simulator, at the beginning is a bit complicated to learn how to use it in a proper way to obtain something special. Keep it almost all open to avoid unmanageable noises, at least at the beginning.

TIP: with a overdrive like Tube Screamer previously in chain, with middle range gain settings, it seems to be more usable and the drive pot works more linearly than before.

., 09.01.2019
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